Obtaining an Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visa

The United States currently has over 100 different types of visas that are separated into two main categories:  1) Immigrant Visas and 2) Nonimmigrant Visas.  Typically, to lawfully enter the United States, a foreign national must have a valid visa that grants them entry into the country.  Attorney Juan Picado has helped clients obtain B visas, P visas, O visas, J visas, F visas, R visas, E visas, employment based visas (H, L, EB-1, EB-2, EB-3), S visas, U visas, T visas, and many more.  Sometimes the client might not even realize they qualify for a type of visa that they didn’t even know existed.  Sometimes, a client wants a type of visa that is not the best fit.  Let attorney Juan Picado review your case to help you determine which visa best fits your needs.

Some of the visas that our immigration Attorney Juan Picado has completed include:

  • P Visas: For entertainers and professional athletes
  • O Visas: For top entertainers and professional athletes
  • B Visas: For tourism and limited business’ purposes
  • R Visas: For religious workers/entities
  • F/J Visas: For aspiring students
  • S/T/U Visas: For victims of crimes and police informants
  • SIJ Visas: for abandoned/separated minors
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