Immigration Attorney Juan Picado has assisted dozens of clients in appealing unfavorable decisions by USCIS and the immigration courts.  Attorney Juan Picado meticulously studies the client’s past immigration processes as well as the decision notices to determine whether the decision was properly made.  If attorney Juan Picado determines that the best option for the client is to appeal, he will inform the client so; if not, he will advise not to appeal and will explore alternatives.   Don’t waste your time appealing cases that will not proceed; consult with the Law Office of Attorney Juan Picado today so that we can determine your best strategy!

Sometimes USCIS and immigration judges make the wrong decision when deciding a case.  If this happened in your case, consult with Attorney Juan Picado to explore your options.  Immigration Attorney Juan Picado has prepared and won appeals with the Board of Immigration Appeals and USCIS.  If you have an immigration case that has been recently denied contact Immigration Attorney Juan Picado to explore whether an appeal should be filed.  We have helped clients fight and win appeals with different immigration offices, we can assist you with your:

  • I-290B Appeals with USCIS;
  • Appeals with the Board of Immigration Appeals;

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